Patron Saints & Other Donors

Table of contents:

LASFS Luminaries

Sacred Objects

Patron Saints

The LASFS Standing Rules and the LASFS By-laws (Article VII, Section 1) define a number of levels of donors.

Associate Friend  $40
Supporting Friend   $100 
Patron Friend   
Patron Saint  $1,000
Sacred Object $2,000
Heavenly Body  $3,000 
Pillar (posthumous)
Celestial Anomaly  $5,000 
Dark Universe  $11,000 

Bringers of Fire to the LASFS

In the bad old days (until mid-2011), the food for the Second Sunday open house was cooked on a charcoal grill. We then acquired a propane grill instead, which is much easier to use and clean. The following members contributed money for the new grill:
Patrick Fahey
Hamilton Westbrooks
David T. Okamura
Michael Thorsen
Barbara Harmon
Ed Hooper
Robin DePari
Scott Tygett
Marcia Minsky
Mary Ann Canfield

LASFS Luminaries

These are the fen who donated money for the purpose of installing energy-efficient light fixtures in Building 4SJ of the North Hollywood clubhouse on Burbank Blvd.  We honor these kind souls for setting a shining example for us all.
Michael Thorsen
Leigh Strother-Vien
David T. Okamura
Tom Safer
Karl Lembke
Scott Tygett
Milt Stevens
Michelle Pincus
A. Nony Mous
Larry Niven
Marcia Minsky
Karen Anderson

Many thanks to all those who donated.  The project is now complete.

There are four Pillars of the LASFS (in chronological order)
Bruce Pelz (September, 2002)
Michael Mason (January, 2009)
Milt Stevens (October, 2017)
Jerry Pournelle (November, 2017)

We only know of one Heavenly Body of LASFS so far.
Marty Cantor
 Heavenly Curmudgeon
The Sacred Objects of the LASFS are
Marty Cantor
 Sacred Curmudgeon
Sandy Cohen
Sacred Chancellor of Chocolate
Alan Frisbie
 Sacred Flying Disk
Ed Hooper
 Sacred Linux Box
Karl Lembke
 Sacred Canteen
Bob Null  Sacred Nothing
Bruce Pelz
 Sacred Elephant
Elayne Pelz
 Sacred Spryngbok
Tom Safer
 Sacred Video Projector
Milt Stevens
Sacred Nothing
Mike Thorsen
 Sacred Mighty Mystic Uru Gavel
Joe Zeff Sacred Sideburns

Each Patron Saint has a specific meeting of the year (numbered 1 through 53) set aside in hiser honor. There are more than 53 Patron Saints, so some meetings honor more than one Saint.

The Patron Saints List Manager is Elayne Pelz.
01 Dan Alderson, Joe Zeff
02 Christian B. McGuire, Bruce Pelz
03 Jeff Siegel
04 Gail Selinger, Rick Sneary
05 Gary Louie, Mike Luwish
06 Mike Glyer, Albert Sheean, Frank Waller
07 Craig Miller
08 Maureen Garrett
09 Bill Ellern, Marjii Ellers
10 Dave Fox
11 Gavin Claypool
12 Dan Deckert
13 Sue Haseltine
14 Charles (Chuck) Donahue II, Tom Stern
15 Elliott (Elst) Weinstein
16 Stan Burns, June & Len Moffatt
17 Bill Warren, Nick Smith
18 Larry Niven
19 Bob Null
20 Tom Digby
21 DeeDee Lavender, Joyce Lloyd
22 Ed Baker
23 Michael Bloom, Jim Glass
24 Sandy Cohen, Hare Hobbs
25 Ted Johnstone
26 Alan Frisbie
27 Doug Abe
28 Marc Schirmeister
29 Bill Curry
30 Ed Green, Tom Safer
31 Sean Cleary, David Okamura
32 Ed Hooper, Tim Merrigan, Jerry Pournelle
33 Mark Bilan, Bjo Trimble
34 Marilyn (Fuzzy Pink) Niven, Michelle Pincus
35 Allan Rothstein
36 Greg Bilan, Emil Luwish
37 Dale Hales, Michael Thorsen
38 Karl Lembke, Matthew B. Tepper
39 Mike Donahue, Ron Ellik, Barry Workman
40 Steve Bilan
41 Beverly Kanter
42 Randy Greiner, Michael Mason
43 Lee Jacobs
44 Francis Hamit, Bill Rotsler
45 Woody Dodge
46 Milt Stevens, John Trimble, Eylat Poliner
47 Jim Tanenbaum
48 Frank Gasperik
49 Marty Massoglia, Susan Cross, Chris Marble
50 Fred Patten
51 Steve McGinty, Heide Nichols
52 Robbie Bourget, Marty Cantor, Elayne Pelz
53 Forry Ackerman