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The Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, Incorporated has a corporate Board of Directors that is in charge of the LASFS clubhouse, the Building Fund, and other major LASFS assets. The regular weekly meetings, however, are run by the Club Officers . Finally, there are Appointed Officials (some appointed by the Board of Directors and some appointed by the Club Officers), some in charge of a Club activity and others who hold honorary at-Arms positions , which traditionally go to members too far away to attend meetings.

We also have photos of our elected and appointed officials .

The Board of Directors

Title Name E-Mail
Chairman  Michell Pincus (2024)
Vice Chairman Nick Smith (2023)
Comptroller Gavin Claypool (2022)
Secretary Susan Fox (2024)
Other Members
  Mike Thorsen (2022)  
  Scott Beckstead (2022)  
  Christian McGuire (2023)  
  Elayne Pelz (2023)  
  Rob Powell (2023)
  Eylat Poliner (2024)  
  Cathy Johnson (2024)
Special Advisor   Charles Lee Jackson II  
Advisors Forrest J Ackerman,
Walt Daugherty,
Len & June Moffatt,
Fred Patten

Club Officers

Title  Name E-Mail

Matthew B. Tepper (Jan-Jun, 2022)

Susan Fox (Jan-Jun, 2022)
Eylat Poliner (Jan-Jun, 2022)

Tag team: Karl Lembke & Nick Smith (Jan-Jun, 2022)
Treasurer Elayne Pelz & Debra Levin
(July, 2021 - June, 2022)

Appointed Officials

Title    Name E-Mail
De Profundis Editor
Marty Cantor
(sbcglobal net)
APA-L Liaison
Marty Cantor
(sbcglobal net)
Cat Liaison
Christian B. McGuire
GavinClaypool (2017)
Publications Marty Cantor
LASFS Information Lee Gold & Matthew B. Tepper
Marketing Michelle Pincus
Kristen Gorelitz
Video Collection   Curator
Charles Lee Jackson II


More Appointed Officials

Title Name
Asian Affairs Desk  Brett Achorn
Committee for Children's Literature


Committee to Gouge Money from the LASFS (Auction Managers)
Chistian B. McGuire, Elayne Pelz
Enigma (UCLA SF Club) Liaison
Film Coordinating Committee
Charles Lee Jackson II
Key Control

Elayne Pelz,  

Christian B. McGuire

Marty Cantor
LASFS Archives
Debra Levin
LASFS Historian
Fred Patten
(Lee Gold - Assistant)
LASFS Website Forum Administrator
inactive - just like the Forum
Monstro Wrangler
Elayne Pelz
Party Rabbi  Charles Lee Jackson II
Patron Saints, List Managers
Elayne Pelz, June Moffatt
Photographic Collection (Special)
Mike Donahue
Programming (Meeting)
Eylat Poliner
Public Relations
Michelle Pincus
Speaker to Gestetner
Marty Cantor
Chaz Baden
Video Curators, Assistants

Tom Khamis

Barry Gold
Webmaster, Assistant
Lee Gold
Westercon Liaison Christian B. McGuire


Honorary Officers  

Title Name
Master Sergeant-at-Arms in Perpetuity
Roy Tackett
Kees Van Toorn
Takumi Shibano

Heather Stern  

Photos: left to right and top to bottom: The Board of Directors, Elected Officers, Appointed Officials, People who run our monthly events.
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